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Which team will win La Liga 2014/2015?

la liga

Last year, Atlético Madrid won the Spanish La Liga somewhat unexpected. Thus they broke the dominance of the giants Real Madrid and FC Barcelona’s. Atlético were even close to winning the Champions League against Real Madrid but big brother just managed to score the equalizer in stoppage time and win the final game in overtime. Here we examine the three top candidates for the league title a little bit closer: Atlético Madrid Last year’s league-winner…
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The UEFA Euro 2016 qualifiers


The UEFA 2016 European Championships are played in France which is thus qualified as the home nation. The other European teams will fight for the remaining 23 spots in the tournament. The qualifiers are played in eight groups where the teams that finishes first and second horse goes directly to the UEFA 2016 along with the team with the best third place. The remaining teams that finishes in third place in their groups play a separately…
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We summarize: The 2014 World cup in Brazil

german soccer

Now it’s been a few weeks since this summer’s festival of football ended. At Chicken Swedes we have had a few days of vacation where we had time to visit FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium. Now, however, we are back again with the latest news from the sports and entertainment world. Here is an outline of the World Cup in Brazil in 2014. Expectations As the 2014 World Cup was played in football’s homeland Brazil, expectations…
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Germany vs Argentina in the World Cup final 2014

world cup 2014 2

It’s time for the final in the World Cup in Brazil 2014. In the last game Germany will face Argentina. Will the germans get their first tournament win since the 1996 european championships or will Lionel Messi lift the trophy for his Argentina? The game is played on sunday 13th of July. Germany are favourites Germany has to stand as a favourite in the final since their brilliant 7-1 victory over Brazil in the semi-final….
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Who will win the 2014 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship?

ice hockey wc 1

While spring is here and the days are starting to get warmer the hottest game on ice is still running. In North America the Stanley Cup is reaching the conference finals and in Belarus the World Championships in ice hockey has just passed half of the group stage. In the world champs there are two groups with 8 teams each fighting for the top 4 spots which will secure a spot in the playoffs. So…
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Bet survivor is back!

Bet survivor

When the 2014 Olympic games in Sochi started we wrote about Comeon’s Bet survivor. Now it’s time for Bet survivor April! How do I join Bet survivor? Take part in Comeon’s most popular competition. To qualify you must place a bet of €10 or more with at least 2.0 odds during April 3rd-5th. You will then be qualified for the real competition that lasts from April 6th until the end of the month = 25 days….
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Play bet survivor during the 2014 winter olympics in Sochi!


During the winter olympics Comeon have a fun, special offer for their players: Bet survivor! The idea is simple: During 8-23 february you need to place a bet of minimum $10 on odds (atleast 2.0x odds) every day to be one of the players that can last through the olympics and get the share of $10 000. That’s right, every participant that does the above gets to split the $10 000. In theory, that means that…
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Vera&John first licensed casino to use the bitcoin currency


Vera&John casino boosts the popularity of the digital currency bitcoin when the players can use it on their site. What is bitcoin? Bitcoin is a digital currency that allows you to deposit and withdraw money without delays and fees. The technology behind is the same as is used in Bittorrent – peer-to-peer. That means the users are used for controls and transactions instead of centralized banks and the like. The currency was created in 2008…
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Time for Face-off!

face off

The National Hockey League (NHL) starts this friday. We can look forward to some interesting match-ups. What teams will get a head start and determine the pace of the first part of the 2013/14 season? What captain will bring his team all the way to the Stanley cup? Some of our favourites in NHL 2013/14: Pittsburgh Penguins – Always at the top. Will Malkin and Crosby lead the penguins to another great season? Detroit red…
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