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IIHF World Championship 2017: Quarter finals

international ice hockey

The group stage of the Hockey World Championship 2017 is over and a total of eight teams have advanced to the playoffs. The following teams will face each other in the quarter finals on Thursday May 18: Switzerland – Sweden A NHL-reinforced Three Crowns advanced to the playoffs without any major issues. On the other hand, Sweden lost to both Russia and the United States, which were the biggest competitors in the group. Sweden has…
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The Stanley Cup Round of 16, 2017

Stanley Cup

The regular season of the National Hockey League (NHL) 2016-17 is over, and the playoffs have started. In this post you will find match-ups for the Round of 16 together with comments. Spring is here, and so are the NHL playoffs! Stanley Cup Round of 16, 2017 Chicago Blackhawks – Nashville Predators Comment: The dynasty Chicago will advance from this meeting. Minnesota Wild – St. Louis Blues Comment: St Louis Blues still has no Stanley Cup title….
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Programme, Lahti 2017 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships

Charlotte Kalla

After two years, it is time again: The Lahti 2017 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships are up. Last time the championships were held in Swedish Falun, 2015. This time we turn east to Finland with hopes of snow, gold and good glide beneath the participants’ skis. In this post you will find the schedule for the 2017 Championships, day by day, February 22 – March 5. All times are in Central European Time. Schedule, 2017 FIS…
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Schedule, Ice Hockey World Championship 2017

ice hockey

This year, the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships are hosted in Germany (Cologne) and France (Paris), May 5-21. 16 teams are divided into two groups. The top four teams from each group advances to the play offs. The worst placed team in each group are eliminated from next year’s tournament. In this post you will find groups and schedule. Groups, Ice Hockey World Championship 2017 Group A: Russia USA Sweden Slovakia Germany Latvia Denmark Italy…
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The sports year 2017


In this post we look forward to the major sports events of 2017. Although this year is a kind of middle year between the “super” sports year of 2016 (Euro 2016, Summer Olympics and World Cup of Hockey) and 2018 (Winter Olympics and FIFA World Cup in Russia), we have been able to pick out some raisins from the cookie so to say. As this post is being written, USA just won the World Ice…
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We summarize the (super)sports year 2016


We had great expectations for 2016, with three major sports tournament: Euro Football in France, The Summer Olympics in Rio, Brazil, and World Cup of Hockey in Canada. In this post we summarize the sports year 2016. Hockey! Finland started the new year by winning the World Juniors of hockey. With future superstars like Patrik Laine and Sebastian Aho in the team, they beat their Eastern rivals Russia in the final. In the IIHF World…
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El Clásico 2016-2017 dates

el clasico

The rival matchup between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona in Spanish La Liga attracts attention every year, and 2016-2017 is no exception. It is a classic meeting between two of football’s giants, and the outcome is often a deciding factor for what team will win La Liga at the end of the season. In this post we present the dates for the El Clásico of the 2016-2017 season. El Clásico 2016-2017 Saturday, 3 December 2016:…
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Swedes in the NHL 2016-17

NHL Sweden

Exactly as we did during the 2015-16 season, in this post we will list the Swedish players in the National Hockey League 2016-17. The list below is sorted by a) the number of Swedes in the team and b) alphabetically. At the top we find Carolina Hurricanes and Vancouver Canucks with 6 and 5 Swedish players. If we missed a player, feel free to contact us! G = goalie, D = defender, LW/RW = left / right…
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What team will win the Ice Hockey World Juniors 2016/17?

World Juniors

Christmas time means hockey time in Canada! 2016 is no exception when we once again look forward to watching the best juniors in the world take part in the Ice Hockey World Juniors 2016/17. Last year, Finland won the tournament after defeating Russia in the final. In this post we present the group and play offs schedule for this year’s tournament. The 2016/17 World Juniors starts December 26, 2016 and the final is played January…
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World Cup of Hockey 2016 results

World Cup of Hockey

The much-anticipated World Cup of Hockey 2016 is ongoing! In this post we will present results from all games as the tournament progresses. The format of the tournament is two groups with four teams. Two teams from each group advances to the semifinals. World Cup 2016: Playoffs Finals: Canada 2-0 Team Europe (3-1, 2-1) There were mixed feelings before the final between Canada and Team Europe: many saw TE as a made-up team without any…
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