2018 Swedish Hockey League (SHL) Playoffs schedule

The playoffs in the Swedish Hockey League (SHL) 2018 has started! Below is the schedule for the Round of 16 and quarterfinals! The post will be updated as the playoffs progress. Team 1-6 in the league have already advanced to the quarterfinals. Before they start, team 7-10 in the league will play round of 16, best of 3 games to grab the last two spots in the quarterfinals.

March 12 – 16, Round of 16 (best of 3):

Luleå HF – Brynäs IF

Comment: A classic matchup between two teams from the north!

Linköping – HV71

Comment: Two normally strong teams that are having a rough season.

March 18 – 31, Quarterfinals (best of 7):

Växjö – Brynäs / HV71 / Linköping

Djurgården – HV71 / Linköping / Luleå HF

Comment: Växjö and Djurgården will be regarded as favourites no matter which team they are up against in the play offs. We do think Djurgården wants to avoid Luleå though, because of the rivalry between the capital, Stockholm (Djurgården) and the north (Luleå).

Frölunda – Malmö

Comment: Two of Sweden’s biggest cities are heads up in this meeting.

Färjestad – Skellefteå AIK

Comment: South vs North between two traditionally strong teams.

April 2 – 15, Semifinals (best of 7)

April 17 – 28 Final series (best of 7)