Welcome to Chickenswedes.com! Here you’ll find the latest news from the world of sports and entertainment – from a Swedish perspective. The term “Chicken Swedes” originates from a time when non-North American players were a rare sight in the National Hockey League (NHL). The first non-American player in the NHL was the swede Ulf Sterner who played four games with the New York Rangers in 1964. Most famous in his native country during these years was the defenseman Börje Salming who played with the Toronto Maple Leafs 1973-1989. At first there was a large gap in style of play when Europeans who were used to big rinks, fast-phased play and passes met a more brutal form of hockey personified by teams like Philadelphia Flyers and their Broad Street Bullies. But soon pioneers like Salming, Nilsson, Anders Hedberg and others later opened up for other European players. Yet, there are still those who use the term Chicken Swedes, like Don Cherry and the alike.

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